MITO LIGHT® Mitohacker Floor Stand 4.0

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A practical and portable stand on wheels that makes using your MITO LIGHT® Mitohacker 4.0 panel even more pleasant. We have developed the stand to make it easier for you to handle the panel and to give you the perfect red light therapy experience.

Now designed with a folding mechanism for effortless setup, enhancing your user experience. Moreover, its reinforced build and upgraded padding ensure the utmost safety for your panel.

Information - Compatible only with Mitohacker 4.0

Please note - Many of our customers do not use the stand for their panel and the stand is not required for use in any case. Every panel is equipped with a variety of hanging accessories, ensuring you have multiple setup choices. Rest assured, forgoing the stand won't diminish your red light therapy experience in any way.

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MITO LIGHT® Mitohacker Floor Stand 4.0 

With this portable stand, you can enjoy your favorite red light therapy even more comfortably!

Simply insert your MITO LIGHT® Mitohacker 4.0 LED panel and enjoy stability combined with easy handling.

The stand is on wheels with brakes, so you can move it wherever you need to and then brake the wheels to keep the stand firmly in place.

However, if you want to keep the stand permanently in one place, there's also the option to dismount the wheels.


Compatible MITO LIGHT® models:

Mitohacker 4.0


Information - Compatible only with Mitohacker 4.0

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