Generation 3.0

Standing strong in the red light therapy domain, the MITO LIGHT® 3.0 generation boasts features like an in-built timer, superior flicker-free LED technology, a spectrum of four wavelengths, intense irradiance, and a grand size.

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mito light bulb 3 0 red light therapy 8
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MITO LIGHT® Bulb 3.0
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The high-power MITO LIGHT® Bulb 3.0 is the smallest member of our generation MITO LIGHT® 3.0. It uses a new light spectrum that consists of a total of four wavelengths. It has...

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mito light starter 3 0 red light therapy 11
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MITO LIGHT® Starter 3.0
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The smallest of the generation 3.0 LED panels, the MITO LIGHT® Starter 3.0 will surprise you with its built-in stand, timer function, improved LED technology, light spectrum...

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mito light expert 3 0 red light therapy 12
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MITO LIGHT® Expert 3.0
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Do you want great quality and the medium size is what you are looking for? Then the Expert from the Generation 3.0 is the right choice for you. It has a timer function, improved...

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mito light biohacker 3 0 red light therapy 9
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MITO LIGHT® Biohacker 3.0
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A great tool for real biohackers. Almost one meter high, the Biohacker 3.0 can illuminate a large part of your body at once with high irradiation power. A timer function,...

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mito light mitohacker 3 0 red light therapy 14
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£1 299

The largest and most powerful Mitohacker 3.0 is the perfect choice for the most demanding of you. Based on scientific research, your feedback and hundreds of hours of research,...

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