MITO LIGHT® Horizontal Stand

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A multifunctional stand on wheels, on which you can hang the MITO LIGHT® in a horizontal or vertical position. The ultimate red light therapy experience.

The perfect solution for physiotherapists or massage therapists!

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MITO LIGHT® Horizontal Stand


This multifunctional stand on wheels brings the ultimate red light therapy experience!

The perfect solution for physiotherapists or massage therapists.

You just screw your MITO LIGHT® device to the stand using special grips and you can adjust it to a horizontal or vertical position.

The horizontal position is ideal if you want to enjoy red light therapy while lying. The stand is on wheels, so you can easily drive it under the bed, for example.

The stand can be adjusted to 5 different heights. The red light therapy device can be at a height of 80, 90, 100, 110 or 120 cm from the ground when using the horizontal position.

The base with wheels is 11.5 cm high.


If you prefer to use standing therapy, you can choose the vertical position of the stand.

The stand is on wheels with brakes, so you can move it wherever you need to and then brake the wheels to keep the stand firmly in place.



Compatible MITO LIGHT® models:

Expert 4.0

Biohacker 4.0

Mitohacker 4.0 

Expert 3.0

Biohacker 3.0

Mitohacker 3.0 


Information! Two LED panels can be connected to this stand at the same time!

2x Expert 4.0

2x Biohacker 4.0

2x Expert 3.0

2x Biohacker 3.0

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