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Stylish and functional glasses blocking 30% of blue light. Thanks to their unisex design, they suit almost anyone and you don't have to shy away from wearing them to social events. They are suitable for wearing in the daytime when working on a computer or spending time under fluorescent lamps to help reduce fatigue and the sensation of burning eyes.

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Blue Blockers Pride Day are exclusive glasses for daytime wear that you can wear with pride. They offer perfect-quality workmanship, stylish unisex design and the most important part - light-yellow tinted glass which blocks 30% of blue light. As a result, the glasses block the shortest wavelengths with high intensity, which can tire the eyes and cause them to burn, for example when working on a computer for a long time or spending time under fluorescent lights. At the same time, they let through a desirable part of the synchronizing blue spectrum, so you can use them during the day without reducing your productivity.

The package also includes a high-quality, durable protective case, which allows you to carry your glasses safely and keep them with you at all times.

Package ContentsBlue Light Blocking Glasses, protective case

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